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Bridge to Academy

Excel Bridge to Academy


Age:     U7-U8              Price:   $185 per season (Uniform = $25)

Fall 2014 Open Session: November 4, 2014

What is the Excel Bridge to Academy?

The Excel Bridge to Academy bridges the gap between Griffin Youth Recreational Soccer and Excel Futbol Academy. The Excel Bridge to Academy replaces recreational participation. They will train twice a week with the Excel Staff, plus have the chance to attend extra technical sessions. All games will be within the Excel Bridge Structure.

Who can participate?

  • U8: 8/1/06 (8/1/06 - 7/31/07)
  • U7: 8/1/07 (8/1/07 - 7/31/08)
  • U6: 8/1/08 (8/1/08 - 7/31/09)

When does the season start?

  • Spring 2015 training – 1st or 2nd week of February
  • Spring Game-Day – first weekend of March

Excel Bridge to Academy training would consist of what aspects?

The program will emphasize individual skills and small group play, which are essential for good personal and team performance. Technical and tactical foundations of the game will be taught and tested in more competitive game situations. Training topics will focus on dribbling, receiving, passing, ball striking, and principles of attacking and defending, as well as a continued effort to expand each players own coordination, balance, body movement and confidence.

What are Game-days like?

Games played in-house will consist of 3v3-6v6 format. The game is another aspect of training. Every couple of weeks the game itself will change. The game changes will allow the development of the player’s technical ability, spatial awareness, and problem solving skills. Out-of-house Games will be played against other local clubs. Competition is natural within passionate and serious players. All the games will emphasis development and effort.

Tentative Fall 2013 Game-Day Schedule

            Date                            Game Format             Location

  • September 7               U8 Rec Rules                  Tyus Park
  • September 14             U8 Rec Rules                  Tyus Park
  • September 21             U8 Rec Rules                  Tyus Park
  • September 28             4 Goals                            Tyus Park
  • October 5                    4 Goals                            Tyus Park
  • October 12                  3v3/ 4v4 tour.                   Tyus Park (Start of Fall break)
  • October 19                  Fall Break
  • October 26                  Out-of-house                   Columbus Redstar (Away)
  • November 2                Out-of-house                    Columbus Redstar (Home)

More game – day opportunities are available due to performance and participation. U9 Academy Games, tournaments, scrimmages, etc……

Player/ Parent Expectations

Player commitment will rely on the parent’s commitment. A player cannot improve if they do not make training sessions. Lack of training sessions will result in a player not being able to play games. Players will be given responsibility for their actions and their soccer. That includes being prepared for games and training with proper equipment and gear. The Excel Bridge program creates an environment to allow the child to grow as much as possible at the child’s own speed.

At practice, parents can observe the training sessions, but we detach the child from the parents so that they can learn and solve problems on their own. Game-days we want to hear encouraging cheers for the kids play on the field. What we do not tolerate is the “Joystick Coach”. Our trainers do not coach that way and we request that you do not do that to any of the players.

Please, enjoy watching your child grow up. You don’t get to see them learn and grow in a classroom. In a way now, you get that opportunity if you allow it.

Excel Bridge to Academy Staff

Adam Greene              Director of Coaching/ Trainer              

Annette White             Excel Bridge Manager                          

Our staff is a professional and licensed group of soccer experienced coaches.